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Ocho puntos sobre el engaño Santos-Coronell

Bogotá, 6 de octubre de 2014 (CD). Los siguientes son los trinos publicados por el expresidente y Senador Álvaro Uribe Vélez en su cuenta (@AlvaroUribeVel) frente a lo que denominó el engaño Santos-Coronell:
1. Engaño Santos Coronell: primera pregunta del periodista extranjero:
Dear Mr. President,
I hope this note finds you well.
I am writing to ask you two questions:
1) Do you acknowledge that there were talks between your government and the ELN in Havana?
2) Do you maintain that over the course of your two terms you NEVER agreed to label the violence in Colombia an “armed conflict” and therefore never granted the guerrillas belligerent status?
Thanks for any response you can provide.
2. Engaño Santos Coronell: mi inicial respuesta al periodista extranjero:
As Presidential Candidate I said that we were ready for dialogue with terrorist groups under the condition that they accepted a unilateral cease of crimes with effective verification;
Under my predecessor, President Pastrana, there were two dialogues in consideration:
1 With the paramilitary through the Catolic Church. The Bishops communicated to Luis Carlos Restrepo the acceptance of our condition by the paramilitaries, thus talks began and you know what happened;
2 With the ELN in Havana. Luis Carlos Restrepo went there to explore and the dialogue couldn't take place because ELN did not accept the condition;
Regarding the label of violence: you are right, I have never accepted the label of "political conflict". In Latin America, words as "political conflict" and "insurgency" were used to name facts of people in arms against dictators. This has not been the case in Colombia: our democracy is the longest in the region, while Mexico had 12 years of democratic interruption my country only 4, and before the 60's of the last century when communist guerrillas showed up. Here the violent groups have challenged the rule of law and have financed themselves with narcotrafficking. These are some of the reasons I have argued to affirm that these violent groups are terrorist.
3. Engaño Santos Coronell: segunda pregunta del periodista extranjero
Dear Mr. President,
The communications office of pdte santos points to the recent release of documents in a story by Daniel Coronell in Semana to prove that you too negotiated with the Farc.
Are these the same conversations you talked about in May 2013 (reported in Caracol). There I believe you said there was a dialogue about opening a space in Valle de Cauca with the support of the Europeans to free hostages. "We did it and they did not comply," I think you said.
Does the story just out in Semana refer to the same "dialogue" or was there another? Also do you maintain that no other Farc negotiations referred to in Semana went forward, again, because you insisted that they put down their weapons?
On deadline tomorrow so I need an answer if possible.
4. Engaño Santos Coronel. Segunda respuesta mía al periodista extranjero:
We made 26 efforts to release the hostages. Always under two conditions, that I called the inamovibles (unmovables?): That those guerrillas, that were released from jail could not go back to Farc, and second, that they had to go to a foreign country, (France), or either to get in the reinsertion program, under the supervision of the Catholic Church. European facilitators came to see me in some occasions; in one they said that there could be a rural area, without civilians, without armed people, for having a short meeting to release the hostages, they added that Farc was in agreement, we said ok, and at the end Farc said that they had not been consulted and did not give approval; in other opportunity the Europeans asked our government for a short time corridor, free of military presence, because Farc had agreed to release two hostages, we accepted and implemented the corridor, Farc never complied, of course, the hostages never showed up.
Pres Santos tries to accommodate what we did in order to justify his decision to give up to Farc and Maduro,
5. Engaño Santos Coronell. Periodista extranjero me escribe y confirma que Pte Santos indujo columna de Coronell, y la utilizó como respuesta tardía al periodista:
Thanks Mr. President.
President Santo’s office had not responded to my questions for five days and then suddenly I had an email from them at 11pm last night pointing me to the Semana story by Coronell.
That’s why I need to get your input again.
Many thanks. sorry to bother you on a Sunday
6. Engaño Santos Coronel: mi reacción al periodista que con franqueza reveló la trampa:
Thank you …., Pdte Santos extended to Coronell a tv concession to make him committed to vilify my government, my family and my person
7. Engaño Santos Coronell: periodista extranjero califica el escrito de Coronel como tendencioso y registra como Santos lo soborna:
I didn’t know that. but the piece he wrote was remarkably tendentious.
Very interesting, the reward.
8. Engaño Santos Coronell: Qué pensará Mockus! Periodista extranjero preguntó a Santos por su afirmación de mi fracaso en el diálogo, no contestó, indujo la columna de Coronel (Perafán) y una vez esta estuvo escrita le contestó al periodista ext remiténdolo a leer la columna. Todo para mentir sobre nuestro Gobierno.